Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Choir - "Kissers and Killers"

The Choir - Kissers and Killers
1993, Independent

1. Gripped
2. Amazing
3. Kissers and Killers
4. Weather Girl
5. Yellow Skies
6. Grace
7. Let the Sky Fall
8. Love Your Mind

After the band's contract with Myrrh was up they produced this little independent album that you could only get from them or a music festival like Kingdom Bound (which is where I got my original tape). This disc adds a slightly new element to their sound: fuzz. Somehow Derri managed a guitar tone that was dirty and fuzz - full of feedback and distortion and managed to somehow make wonderful melodic songs that evolve the band's sound while still remaining distinctly The Choir. Love this.

Useless Fact: Steve Hindalong doesn't like to talk about the meaning of "Weather Girl." I don't know why... so ... Steve if you ever read this, I'm really curious.

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