Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Choir - "Wide Eyed Wonder"

The Choir - Wide Eyed Wonder
1989, Myrrh

1. Someone To Hold On To
2. To Cover You
3. Robin Had a Dream
4. Spin You Around
5. When She Sees Me
6. Wide-Eyed Wonder
7. Happy Fool
8. Car, Etc.
9. Behind That Locked Door
10. To Bid Farewell
11. Car, Cont.

I'm a little disappointed that it's so hard for me to come up with things to write about these Choir discs. All I know is that I've loved The Choir's music since I was thirteen. There's so much history and emotion I have wrapped up in all these songs that I guess it's really hard to talk about it other than to say "it's awesome, and I like it... you should too." Okay... about the music, Wide-Eyed Wonder doesn't stray too far from the sound established on Kangaroo. Not to say that they weren't evolving, but both of those albums aren't too far from one another in terms of style. There are a few experimental bits with "Car, Etc." that are quiet enjoyable. Most of the album's lyrics are about Steve's newborn daughter, Emily. As a man awaiting the arrival of his own little girl this whole disc will probably take on a whole new meaning.

Useless Fact: Bassist Tim Chandler went on to play for Daniel Amos full time so Robin Spurs was brought in to replace him. And since they had an attractive female in their band, they got to be on a couple magazine covers. Robin left to play in Rachel Rachel. Which to me is like Terry Ferrel leaving Deep Space Nine to be on the sit-com Becker (i.e. maybe not the best decision since people still love DS9 and no one's heard of Becker)

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