Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Choir - "Speckled Bird"

The Choir - Speckled Bird
1994, REX

1. Speckled Bird
2. Yellow Skies
3. Like a Cloud
4. Gripped
5. Weather Girl
6. Wilderness
7. Never More True
8. Spring
9. Grace
10. Amazing
11. Love Your Mind
12. Kissers and Killers

Speckled Bird is basically Kissers and Killers with a few new songs. One of those songs is an electric version of "Wilderness" that was on the Brow Beat acoustic compilation. This is probably ranks as one of my absolute favorite Choir offerings.

Useless Fact: Too bad for anyone, like me, that really liked "Let the Sky Fall" because Steve felt too insecure on the vocal so it wasn't included. I personally think it's one of his strongest vocals, but that's just me.

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