Monday, November 2, 2009

X-Propagation - "Conflict"

X-Propagation - Conflict
1993, Intense

1. Heads Up
2. Trust
3. Conflict
4. Unity
5. We Believe
6. Lover
7. Three Equals One
8. Forgive Us
9. Peace
10. Cybernation

Upon further reflection I realize I only bought this album (cheap for $2.50) for the album cover. I mean... look at it. Isn't it awesome? I made it a little bigger so you could get a good look. Bright and blue... a feast for the eyes I tell you! The music contained herein is of the industrial variety, but more on the techno/trance tip than the metal tip. I don't spin this often because there's a lot of, well... droning. It's okay but that cover art... that makes up for it. Did I mention I like the cover art?

Useless Fact: The cover art was painted by Gene George. He did a fine job.

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